"I want to encourage people to be kind and use their voices to spread positivity." - Asha Dahya


Asha Dahya is the creator and editor-in-chief of Girl Talk HQ, a news media site dedicated to positivity and female empowerment. Girl Talk HQ was launched in November 2012 and is a go-to destination for women looking for content that focuses on the representation of women in the media.

After working in the media for over a decade in Australia, the UK and in Los Angeles (Disney, Fox, MTV, Nickelodeon, ABC, TV Guide,,, Nine Network Australia, Fashion TV and more), Asha realized there was a huge disparity in the way women were represented in the media compared to men, so instead of complaining, she did something about it. She decided to use her platform for good; to inspire young women to live their best life possible.

The news media site has six key areas of focus: body image, careers and women in leadership, positive messages from celebrities, ordinary women doing extraordinary things, women’s representation in a range of industries and sectors, and a contributors platform where everyday women can share their powerful stories..

Asha believes that media is the most powerful form of communication, and today we have the tools to each be creators, influencers and tastemakers. 

YAY… Go Asha! You are making a difference in so many lives. Thank you for telling the stories we want to hear and letting us interview you, so we could hear YOUR story :).


Asha shares how she started Girl Talk HQ, her goals for the future, advice for other girls and SO MUCH MORE.