"Always stay true to yourself and explore those crazy moments of inspiration that come to you in the weirdest of times."

SARAH TRYBULSKI, creator of "Recipe for Disaster" has had her share of crazy breakups and nights with girlfriends saying, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!" Through those experiences she decided to start a blog about those stories (all true, by the way) and create recipes to match them.

I mean, who doesn't love a good laugh and a sweet snack? Keep it up, Sarah! And thanks for reminding us that we all have those "what was I thinking" moments.

Every Ella: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Sarah Trybulski: I grew up outside of Boston, MA which I’m sure is where I got my love for all things desserts and cannolis! I studied at the University of Miami focusing in Motion Pictures and Theater - learning how to tell stories and how to bring them to life. After school, I moved out to Los Angeles, worked in the film industry and ran a cupcake shop which is what brought me out to Las Vegas where I currently live. I bake and create out of my own apartment kitchen and firmly believe it’s not cooking or baking without making a huge mess – that’s how you know it was a success!

You have a blog and website called “Recipe for Disaster.” Can you tell us about it?

Recipe for Disaster is a collection of relationship stories paired with yummy recipes. The stories are all hopelessly true – however crazy they might seem! It’s a place to go to find something delicious to make, and it’s a place to go to read some embarrassing moments and have a laugh!

How did you come up with this idea?

It all started with a box of macaroni and cheese. Quite literally! I’ve always had a love of cooking and baking, even from early on - it was something that always interested me. After a particularly rocky breakup I was comforting myself making a box of macaroni and cheese and replaying in my head all of the crazy things I had done to make this relationship work, including making a very intricate and intense macaroni and cheese recipe that was beyond anything Kraft would know about. I thought how ridiculous it all seemed looking back on it and how much both myself and my other friends have all had these moments of “what was I thinking?!” in relationships. I decided it would be far more productive and fun to write about these experiences while trying a new recipe and having a laugh at these crazy moments in life. Anytime I talk to anyone about the blog, people immediately perk up and say, “boy, have I got a relationship story for you,” It just snowballed from there and I love that I get to write, create and photograph these experiences! It’s really a comforting thing, to know everyone else has these insane occurrences and you’re not alone in your journey.  

Have you had any one girl or woman who has had a story that just floored you?

There’s always that moment of “wait, what?!” when listening to someone tell their story. That’s what I love about this – I always think I’ve heard it all, but the weird little quirks and characters that come out of the woodwork are fascinating! You really can’t make this stuff up! I’d like to say I get floored every time, because it seems so silly what we put up with, but sometimes the crazier it gets, the more excited I get to start writing! Sometimes it’s like grab a bucket of popcorn, I wish I could have been there!

Do you come up with your own recipes from scratch?

A lot of recipes are classic with my own little twist. I’ll start with writing the story first and usually during the writing process something will pop out as a good idea or inspiration for a recipe. Then the fun part comes when I figure out how I can put my own stamp on it.  The recipes are all about fun, entertaining and delighting the senses!

What are your goals and aspirations for your site?

I think first and foremost I want to provide a place where people can come to brighten up their days. I know getting over a breakup is tough, we’ve all been through it, and what really got me through was these laughing moments with friends. I want people to feel like they can get a pick me up just from reading these stories and get that same feeling you’d get from ordering pizza, sitting around with friends over a good bottle of wine and laughing it out. Maybe one day turning this blog into a book would be a fantastic goal of mine!

If you were a cupcake flavor, what would you be and why?

I would probably be a funfetti cupcake with cotton candy frosting! I’m always trying to add a little bit of fun and whimsy to life.

What are your personal ambitions for the future?

Whatever I do in my life, I want to live creatively and with appreciation. We only have this one life, so it is up to each of us to enjoy the ride and relish every moment of it. I’d love to keep writing and taking pictures and sharing my creations with everyone. I love to travel and want to see the world.

Name one woman who inspires you.

Katy Perry! She is insanely creative and I love her approach to life and her brand.  She has such a positive message, especially for women, and always leads with tenacity with her ideas and vision. She inspires me to see the beautiful and whimsical side of life and to never give up

If you could meet one female celebrity, who would it be and what would you do for the day?

I think Katy Perry and I would have a fantastic time at Disney World together! We could get all dressed up in costumes and eat all the cotton candy we could find!  Maybe she would even give me a relationship story or two to write about! ;)

What advice do you have for girls today?

Always stay true to yourself and explore those crazy moments of inspiration that come to you in the weirdest of times.