"Think about how powerful just one woman can be, and then when you get us all together on the same team, that’s when the real magic happens."

SARAH PENDRICK is the founder of Girl Talk Network, a nonprofit platform centered around women supporting women. Girl Talk holds events, workshops and meet-ups throughout the year to connect and inspire women.

But that's not all! Sarah is kicking off her first ever Self Love tour this month, where she will be speaking at schools and empowering our future generation of leading ladies.

Yay! Thank you for all that you do, Sarah.

Every Ella: Tell us about yourself.

Sarah Pendrick: Oh wow, I don’t know where to start, there’s so much to tell, lol. I have tons of interests and I love doing and learning new things. If someone wants to go try something or do something new, give me a call! I have an obsession with pizza, I love dance parties and adventure. If I could travel somewhere new everyday, I would. I feel like I basically live out of a suitcase because I am always on the go! I have always had a deep pull to connect and help people and the one thing I have always been 100% sure on my entire life was I had to help others. I majored in Psychology at ASU and also went for my master’s in Family Therapy. I am horrible at small talk but I love sitting and connecting with women, if we are talking about real things I could sit and talk for hours. I married my soulmate 2 years ago ( I know, I know okay annoying!) but really, I got up and moved to LA and decided exactly the type of person I wanted to be with and that I wasn’t going to settle for less than that.

You are the founder of the non-profit GirlTalk Network. Can you tell us about it?

GirlTalk is a place where any women can go, no matter what stage of life she is in, it is a place for women to feel supported, celebrated and empowered with positive vibes surrounding them. We are a community of women supporting women. GirlTalk puts on empowerment events in beautiful environments to celebrate and connect women. Our famous event Connect+Inspire happens two or more times a year and it is a very special day. (This is where I met you girls and am so grateful for that!) So many connections and lasting friendships are made at this event. We connect like-minded women and give our attendees access to an empowering panel of motivational speakers, influencers and celebrity speakers plus so many other fun surprises with many of our beauty partners.

The charity aspect of GirlTalk is our foundation, this is non-profit sector where I travel with a few other speakers to schools around the United States to provide a free Self Love program for young women. Our program is about empowerment, loving yourself, women supporting each other and bullying amongst girls. January 2017 kicks off our tour (with the first stop in Arizona) and I could not be more excited!!!

What inspired you to create this non-profit and platform?

GirlTalk is my heart’s mission. I truly believe in women supporting each other and feel there is such a huge need for this. Women can be so hard on themselves and we all need a sisterhood. I am an introverted extrovert, I lived my life a lot in my head and decided to make the change to be authentically me after wasting too much time thinking I wasn’t supported or that I couldn’t be myself at all times (which couldn’t of been further from the truth!) I never want anyone else to feel that way and not be authentically them so I created a organization that promotes loving yourself and women supporting each other.

Think about how powerful just one woman can be, and then when you get us all together on the same team, that’s when the real magic happens. My dream of creating a GirlTalk became real when I put together an event surrounded by women supporting each other and I saw how many women truly believed and wanted to be a part of it. That was amazing to see this sisterhood building and women from all over coming together! On that note, my biggest advice for anyone wanting to go for their dreams is to just go for it! There is never the exact right moment. I set a date for my first event (that was one of my first steps!) and just did it!

What are your hopes and ambitions for GirlTalk?

I have endless hopes and dreams for GirlTalk. My main ambition is to bring women together and spread this movement everywhere. I want the norm to be women supporting each other and loving themselves first. I really do believe that one person can change the world and that it starts with us. My main goal at the moment is to be touring all over for our Self Love program and to be able to get the funding to make this continue and change the lives of women and young girls everywhere while promoting Self Love and changing the meaning of “girl talk.”

What has been the most difficult part of getting it started?

I have always know what I wanted to GirlTalk to be. Some days it came so clear and then other days it was hard to focus on the creative process with everything else there was to do. Starting out so small as we all know is hard. But the ideas and passion I felt when going through the creative process just took over, and once I hit the ground running I haven’t turned back. I think when you have an idea and you’re working on something you are deeply passionate about that passion trumps any obstacles. I won’t lie and say it is easy, it is hard, there are days that I am scared and I don’t know the future of GirlTalk but because I believe in women and this movement so much I know everything will work out.

What has been the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding has been being able to give back in so many different ways and to connect so many women. The love I witness and the connecting is unexplainable. I have watched so many women follow their dreams after the events and have received so many emails. These same women who have reached out, volunteered or attended our events inspire me more than they will ever know.

What about your personal ambitions and dreams for your future?

My personal ambition is to be the best version of me and choose to be happy everyday. I have vowed to myself to always be growing and progressing. My dream is to be able to continue to tour and be able to provide free self love programs and workshops for young women everywhere. A personal goal of mine is to get GirlTalk in front of as many people as I can so that we can add more women to our team and any businesses that can help us are able to see what we are doing. For my personal family goals, I hope to be a mother someday, not only do I want to have my own child but I hope to adopt a child someday and change someone’s life.

How often do you hold events for GirlTalk?

Our main event Connect+Inspire is at least two times a year. We also have workshops, meetups and other events throughout the year that anyone can join.

Who would be your dream panelist at a GirlTalk event?

Oh wow...this is a tough question! I absolutely LOVE all of the women who have been on the GirlTalk panel. I pick them based on knowing that they truly believe in helping other women. My dream panelist is a woman who embodies everything that GirlTalk stands for and who is truly passionate about this movement. Women supporting women isn’t a social media trend, it is a real thing that you need to embody in your everyday life and truly live what you are saying. A panel that is made up of kind, genuine and real women talking about real issues.

Who has been the most supportive person to you thus far on your journey?

The community! At the Spring Connect+Inspire I wasn’t able to give my full speech because I started crying right before I went on (happy tears!) It was one of the most amazing feelings to watch all these women come together and to see my friends, women, volunteers our speakers be so supportive to me and GirlTalk.

Name one woman who inspires you.

Oh no, I can’t just name one! Women inspire me. We are so powerful and some of us don’t even know it or even worse don’t believe it. That inspires me to help in anyway I can, to let every woman know how truly amazing and powerful she is in your own skin. I grew up around incredible women, my family and my childhood girlfriends are all very creative, strong and kind women.

What are you currently watching/reading?

Currently I have given up TV! (ugh I know) but I feel like it has improved the quality of my life so much. So I am not watching anything right now... except when Game of Thrones come back I will be watching that! :) I have replaced TV with listening to audiobooks. I have listening to a lot of Tony Robbins lately and I have been reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and just ordered all of Gabrielle Bernstein’s books.

What advice do you have for girls today?

One of the biggest things that I tell girls is to remove toxic people from your life. This is so necessary in your self love journey. You need to surround yourself with only people who support you or else you aren’t creating those boundaries in your life to be able to succeed and live the unexplainable powerful feeling of being authentically yourself. It is okay to remove these people from your life, you need to put yourself first and once you do it is amazing how much room there is and opportunities you get from creating this new positive and loving space.